Hemp CBD Drops 4 Pack | 2 Flavors

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FLORANCE™ Hemp CBD Drops (Mint Eucalyptus & Black Currant) are the highest quality unique, SUGAR-FREE, hand- crafted drops (lozenges). We formulate the drops using Florance cold extracted full spectrum hemp oil blend.

Soothing for the season, soothing for the soul!

Unique mint and eucalyptus formula creates a cooling sensation and helps open up nasal passages. Hence you can get an energy boost and refocus your mid.

– Mint Eucalyptus & Black Currant CBD Drops –

  • Unique and Healthy, SUGAR-FREE CBD Drops
  • 0% THC
  • ~20 mg CBD Per Zip Bag (Eucalyptus Mint)
  • ~40 mg CBD Per Zip Bag (Black Currant)
  • Hemp Entourage Proprietary Formula
  • High Bio-availability
  • Everyday use
  • Acid regulation
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • A Taste of Nature
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FLORANCE™ Hemp CBD Drops are the highest quality SUGAR-FREE throat drops. Our professional confectioners use unique recipes. For this reason, the resulting drops are tasty and effective. Hence, it is not just concentration of CBD that matters, but the formula itself. Thus, the drops contain CBD and CBDA.

Florance Mint Eucalyptus or Black Currant Drops are your perfect daily companions! Specifically, drops are packed in a zip bag and are easy to carry. They cost less than most CBD products.  Accordingly, the drops can promote daily energy, focus, help maintain acidity, and calm the mind. They create a lovely soothing feeling in the throat.

Neuroscience and plant food experts formulated Florance Drops. Hence, we make these drops from hand-selected hemp and scientifically tested by third party laboratories.

We produce Florance drops exclusively in small batches. We use low temperatures in the process, which allows to preserve the full spectrum of molecules.

Product Use:
As a hemp supplement, take 3-5 times daily as desired. Store in a cool/dry place after opening. Store away from sunlight, heat and humidity.

CAUTION: If pregnant or under doctor’s care, consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children.

FLORANCE™ Hemp CBD Drops (Mint Eucalyptus) Ingredients: Isomalt (Carbohydrate); Hemp Botanical Blend (~3 gr), Menthol, Copper Chlorophyllin Extract E141*. Citric Acid E330*. *Natural flavoring.

FLORANCE™ Hemp CBD Drops (Black Currant) Ingredients: Isomalt (Carbohydrate), Hemp Botanical Blend (~6 gr), Black Currant Oil, Carminic Acid E120*, Citric Acid E330*, Vegetable Carbon E153*. *Natural flavoring.

Zip bags contain 20 gr of hemp drops and they are perfect for EVERYDAY USE!

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Flavor Pack

2 Mint Eucalyptus, 2 Black Currant, 1 Mint Eucalyptus & 1 Black Currant