CBD hemp oil is becoming all the rage, growing in popularity for its reputation for balancing the mind, helping with focus, alleviating anxiety, and enhancing sleep. It’s been known to offer a more natural way to lower pain and there’s even some promising new evidence that CBD use may help people quit smoking.

As a result, alongside reputable and well-made products, a market of venture capitalists trying to make easy money have flocked to the CBD hemp oil space. As you might imagine, many of these investors cut corners in order to create a very low-cost product that they can market and sell as “premium”.

This can make it challenging for consumers to distinguish high-quality CBD hemp oil from product that isn’t created with high-quality science, from organic natural sources, or with the LOVE companies like Florance place into our product.

To distinguish high-quality CBD hemp oil from low-quality copycats, it’s important to evaluate the product you?re considering a number of different ways.

It’s The Science

First, take a look at the scientific bona fides behind your CBD hemp oil products. High-quality CBD hemp oil should be pristine, lab-tested products tested at certified health science universities.

Has the product you’re using been developed and backed by industry-leading scientists and researchers? Florance’s team of researchers is second to none in the industry, working at renowned research universities and lab-testing Florance’s products using nothing but the highest-quality, cutting-edge science to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Does your CBD hemp oil contain less than .03% of THC? The goal here is to receive the health and wellness benefits of CBD, not to get high. As such, our oils contain non-psychoactive compounds of the industrial hemp plant. You’ll receive all the benefits of CBD hemp oil with zero intoxication.

Go To The Source

Next, where is your hemp sourced?

As is true in most personal health and wellness products, the quality of the ingredients matters a great deal. At Florance, our products are all sourced from US organic hemp and EU-certified organic hemp products. Our CBD hemp oil contains no pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful contaminants to ensure a superior experience and benefit to our customers.


At Florance, we use whole plant CBD hemp oil, meaning oil extracted from all parts of the hemp plant (stem, seeds, and stalks). It is believed utilizing the entire array of constituents found in various parts of the hemp plant work better together, and as such we derive all our products from the entire plant.

Better Development = Better CBD Hemp Oil

Our products have been developed, tested, and refined by world-renowned scientists with years of experience growing organic hemp. We use nothing but the best, hand-selected ingredients in our CBD hemp oil, and operate our business under the strictest of quality control measures to ensure consistency of product. You should demand the same of any product you put in your body.

You owe it to yourself to purchase CBD hemp oil made with science, with nature, and with love. Check out our full range of hemp oil products here!