Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming an anchor point in the world of health and wellness. CBD use is on the rise to help for a wide variety of issues.

If you’re new to CBD oils and products, it’s important to recognize and understand the details of dosage and treatment. If you want an effective and efficient CBD treatment plan; there are several factors to be considered.

Use this guide to help inform your own opinions and decisions surrounding CBD dosages.

Currently, there is no FDA approval to use CBD for the treatment or prevention of any specific symptom or disease. The following statements are objective third-party claims and research. Florance CBD products do not claim to treat or prevent any disease.

CBD Product Quality, Potency, and Purity

Find a company you can trust

The first, and probably most critical factor, is using a CBD company you can trust. You want to find a high-quality brand that uses premium hemp/CBD plants. The company should have a consistent and reliable track record of proper testing and analysis.

Select a product type

Once you trust the company, it’s time to select the type of product. CBD oils and tinctures tend to be the most popular option. But you can also select from a variety of edibles, topicals, and even smokables. Most consistent CBD patients typically choose a premium CBD tincture. If you’re unsure what product to choose – tinctures are always a safe bet.

Select a potency

The next decision is to select the potency of CBD within the product. This number is almost always noted in milligrams. Look for a label or area marked with 100mg, 500mg, or something similar. Be careful not to confuse this number with the volume, which is noted in milliliters (ml)

CBD Purity – Isolates vs “Whole Plant” Products

One final thing to consider is if the product is pure CBD only – or if is mixed with other cannabinoids. Some CBD products are labeled as “Whole Plant” which means they likely contain multiple cannabinoids. Others are labeled as 100% pure CBD isolates, which do not include any other cannabinoids. As most would assume; the 100% isolates often suggests a lower dosage is needed.

The next thing you need to consider is yourself as in individual.

Size, Tolerance, and Genetics

We’re each unique snowflakes. CBD will not affect every person the same way. Your height, weight, age, genetics, and even personal history of behavior all play a factor in the effects of CBD.

CBD dosages typically correlate with weight

No surprise here. In most cases, CBD dosages are correlated with weight. Smaller females may feel effects at low dosages like 5-10 milligrams. Meanwhile, large males may need 50+ milligrams for the same effect. The next section of this guide will give you starting points based on your weight and desired effect.

Be mindful of your CBD tolerance over time

One of the more invisible factors to consider is your personal tolerance to CBD. Like most substances, the more often you use CBD the higher your recommended dosage will be. If you’ve never used cannabis or any CBD products, you will have virtually no tolerance and a very low required dosage. A consistent daily user would have a high tolerance and require a higher dosage to feel the same effects.

Prepare for randomness and genetics

Another factor you have no control over is your genetics. Every person will be affected by CBD differently. In general, we experience typical bell curve average results. Most of us will be affected similarly – but it’s always important to remember about outliers. Some individuals may have a strong sensitivity to cannabinoids and CBD; they would require a very small dosage. Other people may have an extremely strong resistance to CBD; they would require a much higher dosage. Although dosages and effects will usually be about the same for most of us – just remember there’s always the random wild card of genetics at play.

Dosage for Desired Effect

The last factor to be considered is, what are you using CBD for? Depending on your desired effect, the dosage could vary dramatically. The multi-use versatility of CBD products leave room for a wide range of usage. Some people use CBD daily like a vitamin. Other use it as a reactive treatment for specific injuries, symptoms, or diseases.

Here are some popular treatment considerations and the average dosage associated with each.

General Health and Wellness (5-20mg)

Use a small amount of CBD daily for a general boost in health and wellness. This type of dosage is usually available in a tincture or small capsule of CBD. Oral ingestion or topical products are suggested for this type of usage.

If you want a more unique experience; try the tasty and flavorful Florance CBD lozenges to keep on you daily.

General Pain (10-50mg)

Try CBD as an alternative to painkillers with a consistent daily dosage. This strategy is especially effective for consistent chronic pain. Although CBD can help with reducing pain for immediate injuries – it is not the most effective. Bad backs, sore knees, and any other daily annoyance you experience might benefit from CBD treatment.

If you or someone you know has pain problems… try the 1000mg CBD Tincture for daily relief.

Sleeping Support (50-150mg)

Try CBD as an alternative to sleeping pills. Some pharmaceutical sleeping solutions cause more problems than they solve. They also run the high risk of creating a dependency/addiction problem. Instead, try using CBD to help resolve insomnia and other sleeping disorders naturally. It’s a safer organic alternative that doesn’t run the risk of dependency or addiction.

If you or someone you know have trouble sleeping? Try the 1500mg CBD Tincture.

Major/Severe Support  (150-300mg)

CBD may be an effective option for more major concerns or problems. Some of the most impressive and miraculous CBD stories revolve around its effectiveness noticed by families and patients with epilepsy or similar severe concerns. Of course, results will vary for every person but CBD has the potential to be extremely effective.

If you or someone you know has major health concerns? Try the 3000mg CBD Tincture.

This guide will help give you reasonable starting points for determining dosage. But we encourage you to safely test and experiment until you find the best dosage for your specific body and needs.

Some Final Tips & Advice

Let’s wrap things up with few final words of advice to help you explore the perfect CBD treatment you need.

Start Low. Go Slow.

Don’t rush into things by taking a really high dosage from beginning. If it’s your first time; start with a really low dosage like 5-10mg and determine if you feel any significant effects before increasing dosage. Once you are comfortable, slowly increase dosage until you notice the positive effects. Even if you are an experienced and regular cannabis consumer, it’s still a good idea to start with lower dosage until you know your ideal amount.

Be patient for full absorption.

Remember that CBD effects aren’t instant. It takes a little while for your body to absorb everything and begin to take effect. For the fastest absorption time use a tincture or oil product under the tongue. You should start to notice effect within 15-30 minutes using this strategy. Other products like edibles and topicals may take a couple hours to kick in.

Remember or record your dosage.

As you slowly test and experiment for the perfect dosage, be sure to remember or record what your most recent dosage was. Make note of the product you used and the serving size you used. It’s also important to consider the effects of overlapping doses depending on how frequently you use CBD.

For example, 100mg twice per day VS 200mg once per day? These methods may have completely different effects even though they both equal a 200mg daily total.

Just be mindful of all the factors considered above and you’ll be fine. Don’t worry – you won’t overdose on CBD or anything scary like that. Finding the right dosage is more about efficiency than anything else. Follow this guide, and soon you’ll find the perfect CBD product + dosage combination for you.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we’ll have a specialist help you find the best CBD product for you.