CBD is becoming a more reliable and accessible alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. As more states and countries begin to accept Cannabidiol (CBD) products with more leniency, there is a surge of companies rushing at the opportunity to sell CBD. This means there is rightful concern to make sure you using safe CBD products properly. And concern is amplified when we consider using CBD for our children or pets.

If you’re considering using CBD for yourself or someone you know; you’re probably wondering: Is it safe? How do I know? How do I use it? How much is a lot? Oh man, isn’t this from cannabis? Wait, is this illegal?

Don’t worry. We’ll answer everything you need to know about using CBD safely (and legally.)

Is CBD safe for people?

The short answer – yes.

However, with CBD making miraculous headlines, it’s easy to get lost in the hype and forget about the most important part – staying safe. Remember, CBD effects each and every person differently. Once you find a reliable CBD product; you need to know a safe way to use CBD properly for yourself. The ideal strategy will depend upon your age, current health, and desired effect.

CBD for general wellness (healthy adults)

Although most people associate CBD with significant effects and intense turnaround treatments, it is commonly used for general health and wellness. Many people turn to CBD as a daily supplement to simply feel a little bit better everyday. There are no specific symptoms or treatments in mind. It is a daily wellness boost to help your body and mind. If you consider yourself generally healthy, try adding a small amount of CBD to your daily routine and see if you feel better.

Suggested methods: CBD tinctures, topicals, or capsules (low-dosage)

CBD for sickness/disease (symptoms/treatment)

Currently, there is no FDA approval to use CBD for the treatment or prevention of any specific symptom or disease. The following statements are objective third-party claims and research. Florance CBD products do not claim to treat or prevent any disease.

Some people find success using CBD to help with health problems or concerns. There’s a wide spectrum from simple struggles like sleeping problems, to severe concerns like daily seizures. If you have a specific symptom or disease, try researching how CBD could possibly help you. There are far too many potential benefits of CBD to list them all here, but we always encourage users to do their own research. One final thing to consider is the effect of mixing CBD with any current medications. It is possible that CBD may interact with other drugs and medications to enhance or weaken their effect. If you are attempting to use CBD for a specific symptom or treatment, start with a small dosage and track your results. Slowly increase dosage for desired effect.

Suggested methods: CBD tinctures, capsules (medium to high dosage)

Is CBD safe for pets?

Many people wonder, if CBD works so well for people, will it work for our pets? And in most cases, the answer is yes. CBD has become a popular option for helping a wide variety of problems and concerns with our pets. From thunderstorm anxiety, to specific pain or arthritis points, CBD could help pets live happier healthier life.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

In recent years, many dog owners have been discovering the benefits of CBD for our furry friends. CBD usage is most common among older dogs struggling with pain or joint problems. Larger breeds tend to run into this problem at an earlier age. Additionally, CBD may help dogs with more problems like anxiety from storms, travel, or stress. Thankfully, quality, pure CBD products are safe for your dog and you have no worries about them getting stoned or high from it. If you’re considering using CBD for your dog, start with a low dosage and slowly increase it until you notice positive results or a more calm demeanor..

Is CBD safe for cats and other animals?

After CBD started being used to help dogs, many cat owners and pet lovers alike have tried the trend. The results tend to indicate CBD is a safe option for many other types of pets as well. Consult with your veterinarian or do your own research regarding the effects of CBD and your pet.

Check Your CBD For Reliable Quality

Now that we know Cannabidiol (CBD) is generally safe for both people, and pets – you need to know how to trust a high quality product. This is the most important part about CBD safety. If you don’t have a premium quality product you can trust, it may not be safe to consume. Here are some important tips to make sure you’re using only premium products.

Focus on Quality rather than price

In most cases, you probably want to avoid just buying the cheapest CBD you can find. This likely will be a hemp paste or oil material with minimal or sometimes no CBD at all. To avoid this problem, it’s usually safer to stay in the mid-to-upper price range of CBD products. Although not foolproof, this strategy will help you find more reliable products you can trust.

Find out where it’s from

Premium CBD products come from premium hemp sources. Find a company that cultivates and uses high-quality hemp to make all their products. CBD companies should be transparent about their ingredients and where they come from.

Try Florance CBD

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The simplest way to stay safe is to use a product you can trust.

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