Both amateur and professional athletes are discovering how Cannabidiol (CBD) can be utilized on their journey towards a better body. From legendary NFL players, to stay-at-home moms practicing yoga… Cannabidiol could be a helpful tool to recover from workouts and injuries.

Discover how modern research is revealing the benefits of CBD for active lifestyles.

CBD for Workout Recovery

Cannabidiol products, or Cannabis strains with high CBD content may be helpful for faster mental and physical recovery. High-level athletes utilize CBD to target pain relief, minimize inflammation, and enhance total levels of relaxation. This entourage of effects helps athletes focus on what’s important rather than being distracted by pain/discomfort or general stress.

Minimized Pain/Inflammation: 

Most aggressive workouts cause discomfort from minor muscle tears and increased inflammation throughout the body. Cannabidiol may help the post-workout recovery process by suppressing the negative effects of inflammation. According to a recent publication from Harvard Health, the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD encourage healthy muscle growth and protection at the cellular level. 

Enhanced Sleep & Relaxation:

One of the most important parts of working out is giving your body the ability to properly recover. After any type of extended exercise, your body will need proper sleep for the optimal recovery/growth. Cannabidiol can help by introducing a slightly relaxed and sedated state. This helps reduce muscle spasms and encourages a state of deep relaxation for optimal recovery. 

CBD for Injury Management

Injury management is a critical part of being an athlete or living an active lifestyle. Unaddressed injuries can lead to devastating damage in the long run if you don’t pay close attention to your body. In recent years, many people are discovering how cannabidiol (CBD) can help this process and achieve successful rehabilitation.

General Pain/inflammation Injury:

Major inflammation occurs in a similar way as post-workout inflammation – except to a stronger degree. Depending on the source and severity of an injury, there may be an extreme amount of inflammation that is not always immediately noticeable. According to Dr. David Perlmutter, Cannabidiol may help reduce the total inflammation and pain associated with a major injury. Direct injuries and general all-over pain can both benefit from CBD products like topical lotions and tinctures/capsules. Topicals offer a direct concentration of CBD in the area of the injury. Whereas, products like tinctures and capsules work better for slow-release distribution all throughout the body.

Minor Sprains and Strains:

Some of the most common injuries among athletes and active lifestyle can benefit from CBD. Annoyingly painful injuries like ankle sprains and hamstring strains can linger for days or weeks. Often times, the surrounding muscles, ligaments, or tendons tighten up as a dramatic response to protect the body. CBD and other cannabis products may help relax tension to increase blood flow and provide some relief to the injury. Of course, proper recovery and physical therapy exercises are the primary paths back to wellness. But CBD products are proving to be an excellent supplementary support.

Major Muscle & Ligament Injuries:

For those who are unfortunate enough to experience a major muscle or ligament injury, it can be an extremely discouraging and frustrating. Recovery can be painful and even torturous depending on the context. But thankfully there are some options for minor relief. Cannabidiol products may help with long-term recovery by improving both mental and physical conditions. Rehabilitation and physical therapy experts note that a positive mindset is critical to improving recovery time. Regular dosage of CBD during the recovery phase may help improve mood, reduce muscle tension. Always make sure major injuries and rehabilitation plans are monitored/approved by a professional physician or expert. 

Best CBD products for athletes and active lifestyles

The case for cannabidiol’s benefits and safety has been laid out many times before, but there are still complex regulations and other things to consider before using CBD as an athlete. Due to its unique relationship to cannabis, CBD is often wrapped up in messy legalities. Athletes and people living an active lifestyle should ensure they are selecting the right CBD product for their specific situation. Here are some things to consider and a few recommended products.

Make sure THC level is as low as possible

Cannabidiol (CBD) products occasionally have extremely low traces of THC (less than 1%). Although it is unlikely a person would ever feel the effects of this amount of THC, it can still be traced and tested for – which could be a major concern for athletes abiding to drug tests. Always make sure the CBD products you buy have THC amounts clearly marked. It should be less than 0.3% and ideally, 0% if you want to be entirely safe from failing. It is also important to consider whether your organization considers CBD usable or prohibited.

Save your lungs! Try CBD edible products

Smoking and inhaling any type of product is not advised for the long-term health of your lungs. Especially for athletes. Many modern athletes and active professionals are discovering the benefits of CBD edible products. This prevents any damage from smoking/inhaling traditional CBD flower products which helps improve total cardio and conditioning. Additionally, this strategy opens the door to a whole new variety of innovative and fun CBD products. Try the exotic Black Currant CBD Lozenges if you’re feeling fancy. Or just load up on pure CBD capsules to take daily if you want to keep things simple. 

CBD Tinctures are a simple solution

If all else fails and you can’t decide, then a simple CBD tincture is your best bet. Cannabidiol tinctures are a special blend of natural oils and cannabinoids that come in a liquid form. These liquid elixirs offer fast and effective absorption without any of the negative effects of inhalation. You control the dosage for a clear and consistent results. Use the multiple strength levels Florance CBD tinctures to take direct control your CBD experience. 

CBD Strength levels available: