Hemp production is hitting the mainstream these days and there are a great many reasons why. Since agriculturally unique strains of hemp grow to between 10 and 15 feet before they are ready to harvest, the yield is typically quite substantial. This plant looks like bamboo and has just as many, if not more, uses. Here are a few examples of hemp products.

CBD Hemp Oil

Derived from the seed of the hemp plant, hemp oil products have a high cannabidiol (CBD) content level. This compound is found in unique strains of hemp plants that contain negligible amounts of THC and is used in completely different ways. Some research suggests that CBD is excellent for promoting bodily homeostasis when consumed as an oil, tincture, or applied topically.


The stalk of the hemp plant is very versatile. The fibrous center of the stalk comes apart into strands that can be woven into clothing and other fabrics. This is a budding industry to watch.


Hemp paper is an excellent alternative paper source, which can allow people to loosen their dependence on cutting down trees. Since hemp plants are great for agricultural rotation, they are a quick, renewable source of paper.


You can make flour from the cake of the hemp seed. It might not be the most appetizing treat in the world, but look how much people have managed to do with wheat over the years. The nut can also be used to make bread, milk, granola, and even protein powder.


Biofuel is a pretty big industry that agricultural hemp might crack into. Pressing the hemp seed causes the oil to come out. This oil can be used to power certain combustion engines. So far, the yield per acre has proved less than efficient, but further development is underway. Hemp oil companies are sprouting, paper mills are going green, and fresh hemp food products are hitting the shelves all across America. The many beautiful and clean uses for this under-appreciated plant are coming into play. If you are interested in premium hemp CBD products or would like to learn more about the plant itself, check out our online store today.