Cannabidiol (CBD) popularity is reaching a well-deserved all-time high. Unless you’ve been isolated from the world in recent years, you’ve probably seen some type of news or headline about CBD. This surge of popularity increases as more celebrities and notable public figures share their support for CBD.

From professional athletes, to high-profile actors and movie producers, CBD is being supported by some of your favorite people in the world. Check out this extensive list for some of the most interesting and talented people that support CBD and/or cannabis.

Athletes that support CBD

As CBD products become a viable alternative to painkillers; many athletes are discovering CBD as an effective option to support their lifestyle. It’s no surprise that professional athletes are extremely careful and considerate of what they put in their bodies. Many want to avoid the risks and side-effects of traditional prescription painkillers. Cannabis, hemp, and CBD products offer a safer, all-natural alternative that many athletes prefer.

*Learn more on why athletes use CBD.

Nate Diaz (MMA fighter in UFC)

Nate Diaz the mixed martial arts fighter has made headlines more than once regarding his support for cannabis and CBD. After vaping a CBD pen during a press conference; Diaz reveals that he uses CBD oil on a regular basis. Diaz claims to use CBD, “before and after the fights, for training. It’ll make your life a better place.”

Mike Tyson (Professional Boxer)

The legendary Mike Tyson has not been shy about his support for cannabis and CBD. The world-famous boxer has openly proclaimed he uses cannabis and CBD products regularly. On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan podcast, Tyson revealed his canna-business Tyson Ranch and his entrepreneurial plans surrounding the plant.

Derrick Morgan (NFL Player)

Derrick Morgan is a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. Morgan announces publicly that he uses and supports CBD. He even encourages fellow teammates to discover the benefits of CBD.

Morgan recently persuaded, “After researching, finding out more and more about it, I realized this is something guys should know about.”

Artists and Musicians that support CBD

Living like a rockstar isn’t all glam and glory. Intense studio sessions, extended touring, and constant public appearances can cause extreme fatigue both mentally and physically. Artists and musicians are discovering CBD as a viable option to help maintain balance towards a more healthy and happy life. Here are some of the most notable artists and musicians that openly support cannabis and CBD.

Melissa Etheridge (Country/Rock Musician)

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, Melissa Etheridge has become one of the most notorious advocates for CBD and medicinal marijuana. Etheridge often shares her story about using cannabis and CBD daily during her fight against cancer. Since becoming victorious and cancer-free; she still uses CBD daily.

Snoop Dogg (Rapper and Producer)

Snoop Dogg is perhaps one of the most iconic identities associated with traditional cannabis. But did you know he’s just as big of a supporter for CBD? Snoop has become a notable advocate for CBD products in recent years. He even suggested a line of CBD flower is in the works at his company LEAFS.

Rihanna (Singer/Songwriter)

Rihanna has been utilizing her influence to lobby for better laws and regulations for medical marijuana and CBD products. Ri-Ri admits she uses cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. But her advocacy and support is usually focused around the medical value of the plant.

Actors and Celebrities who support CBD

Some of your favorite people from the silver screen may have Silver Surfer vape sitting at home. Professional actors and movie producers live in a constant state of progress and promotion. Some of these guys find CBD oils and products help them stay healthy and reduce stress. These Hollywood heavy-hitters proudly support CBD and other cannabis related products.

Michael J Fox (Actor)

Michael J Fox probably wishes he could take The Delorean back in time to legalize cannabis and CBD for all of us. Fox has battled Parkinson’s disease most of his life. In recent interviews, Fox claims that cannabis and CBD products have certainly extended his acting career by many years.

Seth Rogan (Actor, Producer, Writer)

Seth Rogan does far more for the cannabis community than just make epic stoner movies. Rogan recently took a trip to DC and gave a pro-cannabis testimony in front of congress. His testimony sparked a larger conversation regarding the current state of cannabis, CBD, and Alzheimer’s research. We’re glad to have Seth on Team CBD.

Morgan Freeman (Actor & Producer)

He’s the voice of God on-screen. And the voice of reason off-screen. Morgan Freeman is a strong supporter of cannabis legalization and the benefits of CBD. Since 2008, Freeman has been fighting against Fibromyalgia. He openly claims to use CBD daily.

Politicians and Public Figures who support CBD

Politicians don’t get the same love we typically show to the other people on this list. But in recent years, there have been more progressive CBD/cannabis advocates and activists arriving in Washington D.C. Here are some politicians and public figures you might not recognize; but they are doing really important things to help CBD.

Rand Paul (Senator – KY)

Rand Paul, son of pro-cannabis politician Ron Paul, has been one of the most outspoken supporters of CBD in congress. Paul is technically a Republican, but his views surrounding cannabis and CBD are very Libertarian. Recently, Paul was one of the lead politicians behind the CARERS Act – which suggest CBD should be excluded from all marijuana definitions.

Cory Booker (Senator – NJ)

Cory Booker is a New Jersey Senator rising in the ranks of political conversations. His influential position could be really good news for cannabis and CBD. Booker was a big supporter of the CARERS Act mentioned above. Additionally, his recent bill “The Marijuana Justice Act” attempts to reclassify or de-classify cannabis from the DEA’s Shedule I substance list.

Al Franken (Senator – MN)

As a former comedian, Al Franken certainly knows his way around cannabis. But in recent years as a Senator, Franken has been trying to tackle irrational policies and regulations. Rand Paul and Al Franken have teamed up to work on a bill that provides state protection against federal government/agency interference for cannabis and CBD. Thanks Al!

One more person for the list? YOU.

Of course, the world of CBD is lucky to have such a diverse lineup of influential proponents and supporters. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to support CBD… We can all make an impact; no matter how small. You can help support CBD just like everyone mentioned above.

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